Ella by Virginia Taylor Cover Reveal!

Title: Ella 
Author: Virginia Taylor 
Publisher: Lyrical Press 

 Ella Beaufort knew better than to rely on a sexy stranger. But with two sisters to support on the modest earnings of the family sheep station, she accepts shearer Cal Lynton’s help—along with his intoxicating kiss. The most Ella can hope for is an affair. Something a woman in her situation wouldn’t dare—or would she? 

 Heir to his family fortune, Charlton Alfred Landon Lynton abandoned his privileged life to prove his independence. He doesn’t have time for a woman, but once he woos the lovely Ella into his bed, he is ready to make her his wife…until she shocks him with her refusal, claiming she can only marry a rich man! Angry and brokenhearted, the heir in disguise leaves the beautiful golddigger behind… 

 But amid the breathtaking landscape of South Australian, Ella and Cal are destined to meet again. Will their heated reunion lead to cruel confrontation—or the kind of passion that lasts a lifetime?


Ella  is available for pre-order at  Amazon, B&N,  Kobo and Google Play  

Virginia Taylor is an Australian writer of contemporary romantic comedy, romantic suspense, historical romance, short stories, and children’s stories.

After a stint at the South Australian School of Art, I worked for an advertising agency,  re-trained as a nurse/midwife, and then married the man of my dreams. Two children later, I began writing romance. While awaiting publication, I painted and designed various theatre sets with a fellow School of Art graduate.In 2013 I sold my first novel-length story.

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Better Believe: A Story of Hope by Ruby Lee Tuesday Book Feature!

Title: Better Believe
Author: Ruby Lee Tuesday
Publisher: Trafford
Pages: 132
Genre: Biography
Format: Ebook
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 Ruby Lee Tuesday was born to be her father’s property. Trapped in an abusive home where only perfect was good enough for the devil, Ruby attempted to distract herself from his ways through her music, poetry, art, and most importantly, her faith in God. Tuesday shares a heartbreaking story of childhood trauma as she bravely pursued her dreams, despite living with parents who seemed determined to destroy her, both physically and emotionally. While providing a riveting look into the ways of an abuser, Tuesday details how her mistreatment eventually caused her to lose her faith, embark on a path of self-destruction, and succumb to panic attacks and depression. But through it all, Tuesday somehow managed to find solace and an escape in her music, ultimately leaving everything behind and bravely following her dream all the way from Norway to Nashville, Tennessee, where she would find faith once again. Better Believe is a story of determination, passion, betrayal, friendship, and hope as one woman journeys from the darkness of abuse into the light of healing where she learns to believe in herself for the first time.


A summary of the memories of a past
It was a summer day in 1979 that this baby child was born. She resisted and twisted for two weeks, and when she finally came, her forehead came first. She was nearly strangled by the cord around her neck. The doctors took her and ran out of the room. She never connected with her mother and her mother never connected with her. Her surroundings were wild. She had a sister and later on got a brother. They were all raised in different parts of the house, Isolated from one another. The house was haunted, and her room reminded of a prison cell. Besides from a tiny window in the roof, there was no light coming into her darkness. Outside her window was the dark and starlight sky. She cried at night wondering why. Why she had to live above the deadly living room. Voices and hatred made the air stand still. She had no will- of her own. She was born to be her father’s property. He was full of hate. And the little girl hated his ways. She carried love within her heart. And she created art. She made a song to prove them wrong, and then what happened would not be as bad as it was good for nothing, not as long as she made a song or a poem. Those little victories she hid in her head and rarely talked about. That way no one could mess it up or take it away from her.
Day in and day out she was living in fright, all alone in her prison cell in hell. She was destined to live to tell. In the meantime she tried to be good in these mean times. Cold hearted beatings from the man with the iron fist. He handed her bruises and memories of a life in risk. A living hell, she could tell that her virginity was already taken when she entered first grade, 1st grade and a few hours of getaway from the haunted house, her haunted home. She did her very best. Only perfect was nearly good enough for the devil. Driven by hatred, she delivered. She can remember how she lost contact with her body. Her mom and dad twisted her hands and twisted both her arms. They divided her wholeness by pressure to her joints. Being disconnected from herself she stopped drawing, could not feel her own fingers. They were twisted away from their original position. She would turn cold. Never thought she would get very old. And here she is this very day. She cried her pain away and is finally releasing all her disappointments. Post traumatic stress disorder and panic attacks is what the devil ordered so many years ago. She is now 35 and stronger than ever before. And in her mind is a wish for the best for the rest.

 Ruby Lee Tuesday has spent years on healing both physically and spiritually. She is a poet, singer, and songwriter who plays a variety of instruments. Ruby left Norway in 2013 to pursue her dreams in Nashville, Tennessee. This is her first book.

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Autograph Penis by H.O. Tanager Book Feature!

Autograph Penis Book Banner

Autograph PenisTitle: Autograph Penis
Author: H.O. Tanager
Publisher: H.O. Tanager
Pages: 282
Genre: Nonfiction
Format: Paperback/Kindle

 Performance artist H. O. Tanager holds high hopes for her cross-country trip to Boston: to see great art, to eat delicious food... and to incite mayhem. But once the journey actually begins, it’s all she can do to hold on for the ride. Surrounded by brilliant, intimidating, and sometimes delicious-smelling colleagues, Tanager’s precarious hold on her ambition and desire threatens to unravel in the face of laryngitis, an angry God, and the unexpected death of a friend. Will her team’s independent spirit and wit buoy Tanager though the pitfalls, heartache - and yes, mayhem - as hundreds of artists strive to be the best that ever was, the best that’s ever been?

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H.O. Tanager

H. O. Tanager is an author, adventurer, and provocateur who divides her time amongst her passions: family, satirical performance pieces, and convincingly wearing slacks. She’s achieved so many things, she finds achievements boring. What she does like is surprise, and people who work hard, juxtaposition, and repurposing forms for her own amusement.

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Untaught and Unlearned Knowledge by Fred G. Womack Book Blast - Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Title: Untaught and Unlearned Knowledge
Author: Fred G. Womack
Publisher: iUniverse
Pages: 466
Genre: Fantasy
Format: History

 Much has been said and written about faith in recent times, but do people of this generation really know what faith is? Why has raw faith, through the centuries, chosen Christianity in preference to other global religions when the freedom of choice was allowed? In Untaught and Unlearned Knowledge, author Dr. Fred G. Womack provides information and insight into the functioning of faith, which has been neglected by Biblical scholarship for several years. What is faith? How is faith? When is faith? Why is faith? Womack explores these questions and more and addresses what can be done to increase and strengthen faith. He discusses that an ancient paradigm ensures that authentic Christianity will prevail through faith, and it guarantees the ultimate triumph of truth in religion. In Untaught and Unlearned Knowledge, Womack casts light into the shadows where little or none has been directed with regard to faith, a theme central to all religions and one that enables Christianity to stand apart from the rest.


Fred G. Womack, D. Min., earned a Master of Divinity in New Testament Theology and a Doctor of Ministry. He is a Christian minister with thirty-five years of experience and has been an adjunct professor at the collegiate and seminary level. Womack is married and has three children.

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While Being a Parent by Eddie Marie Durham Book Blast - Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Title: While Being a Parent
Author: Eddie Marie Durham
Publisher: iUniverse
Pages: 216
Genre: Family
Format: Kindle/Paperback/Hardcover

 Being a parent is a lifetime job. No one knows that more than Eddie Marie Durham, mother of three adult sons. In her guidebook filled with practical parenting advice, Durham shares not only her personal experiences but also poetry, scripture, and quotes in order to help parents find their way down what can be a very challenging road while raising children in today’s world. Durham, a retired elementary school teacher, has always relied on God’s guidance and her family values to carry her through difficult times while parenting her children. Guided by these principles, Durham leads others chronologically through her experiences, both good and bad, while offering wisdom and encouragement to other parents that will help them respect one another, talk to children about expectations and consequences, carry out discipline, allow children to grow and mature, be active with children in all facets of life, and lean on their faith for strength. While Being a Parent shares time-tested advice from a blessed mother that will help other parents attain the greatest reward in life: mentoring a child into a productive, loving adult.


Eddie Marie Durham is a retired elementary school teacher and mother of three sons. She is an avid reader, speaker, poet, traveler, and volunteer who is active in her church and community. Eddie resides with her husband, Bobby, in Port Arthur, Texas.

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The Drive In by Douglas Gardham Book Blast - Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Title: The Drive In
Author: Douglas Gardham
Publisher: iUniverse
Pages: 130
Genre: Short Stories
Format: Kindle/Paperback

 Have you ever been intrigued by what mysteries lie behind the doors and windows of the places you pass by on your drive into work everyday? The Drive In takes you on Tom Johnson‘s commute. Unlike Tom, you’ll get to peek behind some of those closed doors. Remember going to the “Drive-In” theatre? Each story reveals what goes on like watching the “dusk ‘til dawn” features through your car’s windshield. Meet the people at the places Tom only passes by each day. Then discover how his drive in ends like no other.  


 Douglas Gardham is the author of the STARbook-awarded novel The Actor. He lives near Toronto, Canada with his wife, dog and cat. He loves books, music and movies. This is his second published novel.

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