ChaChanna Simpson Book Spotlight and Author Interview

Paperback: 160 pages
Publisher:, Inc. April 28, 2008
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1601454953
ISBN-13: 978-1601454959

Book Synopsis:

This no nonsense guide covers diverse topics such as moving back home, money management, job etiquette and more. Also included are stories and tips from recent college grads sharing their wisdom and experiences.

Questions for ChaChanna Simpson:

Who has influenced you throughout your career as a writer?

I can’t really think of any one person who influenced me as a writer.
Do you write everyday?

Yes, I do write everyday. I know that the majority of people say you should set a time to write everyday and write at the same time every day. But I could never do that. I write when I have something to write about or when I have a deadline looming over me to get something done. I really write best under pressure whether it’s a client or self-imposed deadline.

What has been your greatest achievement as a writer?

Following through on my word and finishing my book before I turned 30. I have always wanted to write a book but every time I thought about it, I kept putting it off until finally I committed myself to have a book completed by the time I was 30. And I got it done.

Have you always wanted to be a writer, or did you aspire to be something else growing up?

I’ve been writing since I was 10. I remember writing stories about a little girl who ran away from home, a Martian boy and a human boy switching bodies and living on each other’s planet, and more. I’ve always found a reason to put pen to paper.

Are you currently working on anything?

Yes, I am working on a book about dating and relationships for twentysomethings. I actually started writing that book first, but I felt Life After College was more needed now.

What authors do you enjoy reading?

I love reading Mary Higgins Clark, Patricia Cornwell, J.A. Konrath, John Saul, Eric Jerome Dickey and Zane. So I have a little murder mystery, ghost stories and drama-filled romance. I make sure to cover the basics.

Is there a particular author/s (yourself excluded) who you feel don't get the recognition they deserve? No. What is your favorite book?

Where Are The Children? By Mary Higgins Clark. When I was younger, I used to stay with my grandmother during the summer. I was bored and picked this book up. I don’t even know if my grandmother knew she had it but once I started reading, I was hooked with the storyline and how it unfolded.

What is a book that has been highly acclaimed but you haven't liked?

I would have to say Romeo and Juliet. That book is absolute crap if you ask me. Everyone keeps going on about how it’s the greatest love story ever told. No, it’s not. It’s about two rebellious kids who wanted to defy their parents and it backfired in their faces. It’s a tragic story but not the greatest. I read it in ninth grade and my sophomore year in college and I wasn’t impressed either times.

What word or phrase do you feel is overused?

Google! Now it’s become a verb. If you ask someone information on something, they’ll tell you to google it. I’ve been hearing that too much. It needs to stop.

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JM said...

Excellent interview. ChaChanna seems like a very down to earth writer. :)

Cheryl said...

Great interview. I've read this book and it has a lot of great advice for young people transitioning from college life to the real world. ChaChanna did a wonderful job of packing a lot of information into a short book.