"Have You Been Royally Screwed?" by Myron Bernstein

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By Myron Bernstein

Haven’t we all been taken advantage of or been sold a bill of goods with respect to a product, good, or service that wasn’t what it seemed? We all have. Over the past 35 years, an ordinary man, with a little persistence and time spent, has been able to obtain from many companies what was originally promised. It is full of real life anecdotes that we have all experienced at one point in our lives with specific direction on how to get what you paid for in the first place. This is a book that will show you how to protect your rights and properly use the legal system, consumer protection agencies, and insurance commissions. You will see, for example, how to handle company’s so-called customer service departments. So, if you are looking for a read that will make you laugh and say, “Hey, I’ve had that happen to me,” then this is the book for you.
Myron has, over the past 35 years, found himself frustrated with people and companies selling him a bill of goods about their services and warranties.
Being just like any consumer he often didn’t know where to turn or how to fight large companies to get what was due him. It took a lot of learning to understand how to use the consumer protection agencies, insurance commissions and courts, when necessary, to get people and companies to perform.
At first it was slow going because no matter how he tried it seemed like he was hitting a brick wall, but with a little perseverance and asking many appropriate questions it started to get easier every time he tackled another problem. All of his thoughts and collective ideas have made Myron successful in getting a favorable resolution better than 95% of the time over the years.

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Myron Z. bernstein said...

Hey everyone out there. I am the author of Have You Been Royally Screwed? The book deals with my consumer advocacy over thirty-five years and I would love to help anyone who wants information on how to make people and companies live up to their promises when it comes to goods, services and warranties. Ask me a question and tell me your problem and I will see if I can help. The book is available through my web site: askmyron.net, amazon, kindle, e-books and soon to be in most stores.
Myron Z. Bernstein/author