Virtual Vice by Jason Kays

About the Author:

Jason M. Kays is an intellectual property attorney with fifteen years experience in both information technology and entertainment law. Kays is an accomplished jazz trumpet player and his passion has always been music, technology, and convergence of the two in today's digital age. This is his first novel.

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About the Book:

In Virtual Vice by Jason Kays, readers follow disillusioned entertainment attorney Ian McKenzie as his professional life takes a decided turn for the questionable when he is hired by the charismatic and dangerous Scott White to represent Scott’s interests in his cutting edge Internet startup, Metropoleis Multimedia. Unfortunately for Ian, Scott has more in common with Scarface’s Tony Montana than Apple’s Steve Jobs, and things go from questionable to deadly in no time flat. As Scott’s confidant and consigliore, Ian soon finds himself caught between the Feds, La Cosa Nostra, and the Cali Cartel in a fatal game of corporate winner-take-all.

I was lucky enough to get the author to agree to an interview. Here's what he had to say:

Could you please tell us a little about your book?

In short, the book follows the rise and demise of a sociopath, Scott White, who transitions from the organized crime of the Cali Cartel to the organized crime of Wall Street. He begins his professional life as one of the largest cocaine distributors on the West Coast. When the DEA closes in, White evades apprehension and launders the drug money by founding an Information Technology startup, Metropoleis III Multimedia. Certain organized crime contingents remain silent partners in his new business. MIII is a Seattle based broadband content provider, streaming audio and video from live rock concerts to subscribers over the Internet. Although business is thriving, its CEO soon falls back to old habits, structuring MIII as a Ponzi scheme and embezzling from investors. When White is found out, he flees Washington for Arizona and mounts a similar scam. As external scrutiny, and civil and criminal suits mount, CEO White begins to come unhinged, as do his progressively more crazed and bizarre business ventures. Targeting the Sedona market, he attempts to tap into the New Age zeitgeist. After several false starts, he uses his broadband media delivery system to back an equally opportunistic religious huckster in peddling a New Age theology to the masses via the Internet. The New Age cybervangelists garner the attention of a global press for all the wrong reasons. The klieg lights quickly put White's silent partners ill-at-ease and all hell breaks loose.

Did something specific happen to prompt you to write this book?

Yes. The book is creative non-fiction and 85% factual. It was inspired by my representation as a lawyer of a most unpleasant client during an eighteen month period. That period was followed by five years of intermittent pro bono work with various law enforcement agencies to hold him accountable to investors he had defrauded. This effort, while saving would-be investors millions in losses, did not stop him from running his Ponzi schemes. He continues to this day, active in the Huntington Beach, California, area, having partnered with a real estate developer. Ironically, they are planning deployment of a New Age church in Hawaii.

Who or what is the inspiration behind this book?

A real life sociopath and purported heir to the Luce Time-Life family.

Who is your biggest supporter?

My Id.

Your biggest critic?

My Super-Ego.

Do you have any rituals you follow when finishing a piece of work?

Are virgin sacrifices still frowned upon? None that I can discuss without upsetting my handlers.

Who has influenced you throughout your career as a writer?

Shakespeare and Kurt Vonnegut.

What is the most important thing in your life right now?

The perfect cup of coffee.

What are you currently working on?

Another creative non-fiction book. This one about a pioneer in Internet erotica.

Do you have any advice for writers or readers?

In general terms, no. By that I mean do not seek counsel on what to write -- write what you feel compelled to put to paper. Write what you must; not what you think you should or is expected. Don't seek input along the way. Finish the book then hire the best editor you can afford and let the self-flagellation begin.

What do you feel has been your greatest achievement as an author?

Causing people to view their reality in a different way, if only for a moment.

What do you feel is your biggest strength?

The ability to make the perfect cup of coffee.

Biggest weakness?

Using too much cream in that perfect cup of coffee.

What do you feel sets this book apart from others in the same genre?

Its fusion of the retelling of real life events with social satire, dark humor and all that is politically incorrect.

What is your favorite past-time?

Playing jazz trumpet. Photography. Building and watercooling computers.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

That all depends on how well you tip.

I want to thank Jason for visiting my blog and putting a smile on my face this morning. Great answers that really show what a great sense of humor he has. If you're ever in Wisconsin I'd love to meet and discuss over that perfect cup of coffee you make but a word of warning - if it's too strong I will be adding cream as well. Take care!

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Cheryl said...

Nice interview. I'm in the midst of reading this book now. Almost 3/4 of the way in. Scott White is nuts and I can't imagine going unpaid for as long as Ian has.