There's an Angel in my Closet by Louise Aveni

As the mother of 4 and 3 year old girls, I read quite a few children’s books. Most of the reading I do with my girls is at bedtime, so I look for a few specific qualities in the books we read. "There's an Angel in My Closet" meets all of them for me.
1. Length of story. Since I read 2-3 books an evening, stories that aren't too long to hold my girls interest are a must.
2. The quality of the story. Even though a book may be only a few pages long, I still look for stories that capture my girls attention. "There's an Angel in My Closet" is a delightfully charming tale.
3. Illustrations. My girls (and myself included) love pictures. The illustrations in this book are first rate. They are vividly colored and very engaging.
This is a wonderful children’s book that I would highly recommend to anyone.
Questions to the author:
What inspired you to write a children's book?
When my grandson, Scott was a baby I would read stories to him and thought to myself “I can do better than these” So it was that I began writing stories with him in mind. Scott is now sixteen, but the stories keep coming.
Can we look forward to more children's books in the future?
Yes, actually I’ve written eight children’s stories thus far and will get them all out as soon as I locate the perfect illustrators for them. I have been blessed as I’ve found one that has captured the essence of a mischievous little angel bear who is the lead character in one of my story series titled “The Adventures of Little Bear Blue” which has an accompanying song that I wrote called “If You Believe in You”. I hope to get this released in 2008.

Just as an aside, all my children’s stories were “given” to me. By that I mean that I’ve never sat down and thought about the story – they simply came to me in one felt swoop and I’ve not changed one single word. Some people call it channeling, or a muse - I call it a gift…

For the older children, I am writing a story for the TWEENS called “The Prophecies of Jake Little Feather” which should find its way into the marketplace by the end of 2008.

What other hobbies do you enjoy?
I write music and love doing outdoor activities. Anything that puts me out in nature nourishes my soul.
What is your favorite book? TV Show? Movie?
I have several favorites:

Movies- E.T., Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Lake House, just to name a few.

For TV shows – I love good comedy series such as Gilmore Girls, Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters.

My favorite books, besides my own (I write novels – LUPO-Conversations with an E.T. which is the first of a trilogy sequel with HYBRID-The Conversation Continues and KRYSTAL-The Final Saga), I enjoy self-help and metaphysical writers by a variety of authors. Some of my favorites are Sheldon Nilde, Jim Sparks, Esther Hicks (Abraham ) and of course Dr. Wayne Dyer