Black Dove by Bridgette Cassese

When Emma decides to pack up her lucrative job after a failed engagement to get a fresh start and do something that she really enjoys her sister tells her, "No one is really free, and there is no such thing as 'free will'. We all have responsibilities." Emma has decided to move to Cornwall with it's beautiful beaches, interesting history and a place to start over. She finds a place to start her new dream - The Black Dove Inn. She can't believe her good luck when she finds out that it is for sale, and at a very reasonable price. Rumor has it that it is haunted, but this is more intriguing that scary for her.

She has also met some new friends, among them Anton, a local artist and somewhat of a mystery himself. Although there is an immediate attraction he seems to be involved in a relationship and she needs to put some work in to make the Inn exactly what she wants it to be - an art gallery, wine bar, and a great place to just sit and socialize while appreciating the finer things.

After moving in she does experience some "hauntings", and when she comes across a painting that resemles Anton she does some digging. She finds out that the history around the Inn involves seances, pirates, and smuggling gone bad. This is extremely enchanting to her, and when she meets Anton again their chemistry is impossible to resist. After all, this is the same man she has seen in her dreams, and some of her nightmares as well.

This story really makes me want to visit England and see some of the historical sites. The author really draws you in and evokes many different emotions as you are reading.

Black Dove is a collection of 4 Novellas including Black Dove, The River Tale, Castle of Dreams, and Dark Goddess. Each focus on mystery, intrigue and romance. Each story is set in a new location that matches the atmosphere of the tale.

Bridgette Cassese, in her late thirties currently resides in Sennen in Cornwall. She studied Social Anthropology and Psychology, at Sussex and London Universities and enjoys Jungian analytical, Rogerian and humanisitc psychology, from which she has taken many of her themes. She is also a contributor to the magazine Dark Nights. She has taught psychology at Norwich city college and as a private tutor.

Questions for the author:

Do you miss teaching?
I still teach occasionally - the psychology of creativity - I dip in and out.

Do you have any books in the works currently?
I am currently working on another historical novel with supernatural themes and featuring local legends - 'The Lost Isle of Lyonesse - a flight of doves', for which I am seeking a publisher and agent.

What hobbies do you enjoy in your free time?
Hobbies - Surfing - body surfing mostly, but can use the big boards but not standing up yet. Walking and exploring rugged and wild terrains. Swimming horse riding, computers, desktop publishing, psychology and art. Creative writing, short story writing. Visiting art exhibitions - the romantics. Music.

Seeing as how Black Dove focuses on art, do you have any artistic abilities?
Yes, I attended Ravensbourne College of art and design for one year and studied graphic design and did a fine art module. I paint in both watercolours and oils (an average talent). I worked for 18 months as a researcher on the compilation of the Penwith artist's dictionary, at the Hypatia Trust, an academic publisher here in Penzance and like the romantic artists, particularly the Pre Raphaelites - such as Dante gabriel Rossetti and John Waterhouse Collier and F Leighton etc.