Don't Die Dragonfly by Linda Joy Singleton

I have always been drawn to anything involving the mind and have always been fascinated by psychics. Having been born in the caul, and having a Great-Grandmother that read tarot cards, I was ready to jump on board and read a book that dealt with the powers of the psyche. And I was not disappointed.

Don't Die Dragonfly is the first book in The Seer series. Sabine Rose is sent to live with her maternal Grandmother, Nona, after a boy dies at her school. Plagued with visions, she feels as if she let this boy down, and could have done more to prevent his death. Add a not so cooperative spirit guide and she feels totally lost. Her mother has never been able to accept the "gift" that she was born with, and seeing as how Nona has similar abilities, she feels that she is better suited to help raise her. Sabine has misled Nona into believing that her powers are gone and that she is just a regular teenager, a desception that could lead to some problems in her future (to bad she couldn't see things about herself).

Sabine was looking forward to starting a new school, and actually was leading a pretty good life for a teenager. She was on the school newspaper and was best friends with one of the cheerleaders, she figured that things would be great as long as no one found out that she was a psychic. Unfortunately, shortly after she comes to live with her Grandmother she starts having visions...terrifying visions of a girl with a dragonfly tattoo. As much as she would like to turn a blind eye, she knows that she needs to try and do better than she did at her previous school, and vows to help save this girl. She encounters many obstacles along the way, will it be too many to stop a tragedy, a tragedy only she knows about?

This is one of the most fantastic books that I have read, and was a real page turner. I don't want to go into too much detail, but if you are looking for a book to grab you and make you question what abilities might be lurking in your head, this is it.
Questions for the author:
Are there any psychics in your family?

Not that I'm aware of -- but I strongly believe in listening to my intuition and think it has saved me many times, like when I had a strong feeling not to go back to my car alone or when I was jogging down a deserted street. I've learned to trust my feelings always.

Do you believe in tarot readings, mediums, etc...or was it just something that was fun to write about?

I believe that it's more likely amazing things are possible for the simple fact that humans are more than just the bodies we wear. I love to go to psychic fairs and I've read many books on psychics. Although I've had no solid proof in my personal life that it's all real, I feel strongly that more things are possible than are not. I even suspect that my character Sabine came to me in dreams as a gift for my writing.

What hobbies do you enjoy besides writing?

I collect girl series books, love reading (of course!), taking walks, going to movies, boating, playing cards, camping, square dancing and bowling. I also love to blog and spend lots of time online.

Can we look forward to more books with Sabine et all?

There are five books in the series. #4 SWORD PLAY goes back to Sabine's previous life and reveals secrets about a student's death. At the moment FATAL CHARM is the last book and I'm working on the DEAD GIRL series, the first book DEAD GIRL WALKING comes out September 2008. If my Llewellyn publisher ever wants more THE SEER books, I'd love to write them. To stay updated with my latest book news, check out . I hope to share my next book cover soon!