A Worthy Muslim by Amir Makin book spotlight and author interview

Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: A.I.C Publications (May 1, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0979946409
ISBN-13: 978-0979946400

Book Synopsis:

This material provides an examination of the Islamic way of life and offers solutions to problems concerning situations of injustice which underprivileged minority communities in different parts of the world regularly experience. Socioeconomic issues such as racism, poverty and legal system imbalances are analyzed. The author compares these issues with the religious texts of Islam and identifies imperative tools needed to successfully overcome and conquer them. What does Islam say about tyrants? Why is Islam not a religion? The answers offered here address these questions and more.

This book explains how oppressed communities can handle and overcome oppression by seriously examining the practice of true Islam. The author analyzes the difference between what is incorrectly perceived as Islam and the way of life called Al Islam while also detailing how different prophets implemented Quranic teachings when standing against injustice. Information is then used to examine real world situations of oppression that occur in today's climate with a particular emphasis on the disadvantaged and impoverished of American society from not only a socioeconomic standpoint, but a psychological and spiritual vantage as well.

Amir agreed to answer some questions for me. Here are the answers he provided.

Who has influenced you throughout your career as a writer?

I would say Langston Hughes, Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali. Three of these men have authored literature that is timeless and universally applicable. They have all helped my analytical capacity enormously.

Do you write everyday?

I write pretty much every day, because usually something occurs concerning affairs in the Middle East or Iraq or Africa. Whether it’s racism, poverty or international politics, I’m never at a loss for things to analyze.

What has been your greatest achievement as a writer?

Having a person who has read my literature say to me that they have been inspired to work for positive change is better than any other feeling attained from writing.

Have you always wanted to be a writer, or aspire to be something else growing up?

I initially aspired to be an engineer. After I achieved this goal, the writing bug seriously bit. I’ve always liked to research topics of interest and strive to reach the greatest depths of understanding particular issues. Now I get to apply that concept when disseminating information concerning facts on Sunni Muslims, or the effects of internalized oppression.

Are you currently working on anything?

I’m planning on releasing three new titles in 2009. They will focus on the issue of manhood development and training the spiritual foundation for taking control of one’s community, how to reduce the rate of recidivism among some former convicts, and strengthening the bonds of family.

What authors do you enjoy reading?

I don’t really have any particular authors that I’m loyal to reading because it’s the subject matter and perspectives offered that initially draws my interest. However I do like some of the poetry from Maya Angelou, and some of the fictional characters developed by Kenneth Robeson.

Is there a particular author/s (yourself excluded) who you feel don't get the recognition they deserve?

I don’t think Cheik Anta Diop gets the necessary credit deserved. His research on the history of the development of a successfully independent pre-colonial Africa should be used to examine the full weight that post colonial oppression of Africa played in not only international politics and affairs, but also how its consequences produced catastrophic and monumental effects of the future.

What is your favorite book?

To me a good nonfiction book should provide new insight every time you pick it up bringing thought challenging statements when weighed against history and expected events of the future. The Autobiography of Malcolm X does this extremely well.

What is a book that has been highly acclaimed but you haven't liked?

Usually when I read a mystery I like to get the feeling of being made to connect to the main character so that by the end of the story I feel as if I have a personal vested interest in the outcome of the story, but when I read The Hound of the Baskervilles I was disappointed and didn’t get that feeling. I thought I would because this book generated a lot of attention and praise.

What word or phrase do you feel is overused?

“You know what I’m saying” is used much too often. I think this occurs partly because it encourages the ones that use the phrase to be less communicative when attempting to get others to understand what they want to convey. It also means taking for granted that those listening have the same point of reference as the speaker. If they don’t, then the speaker should have a way creating that point of reference so his audience can connect with both him and his words.

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