Full Body Orgasm by Oscar Naval

Hardcover: 260 pages
Publisher: Lifesuccess Publishing (August 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1599302004
ISBN-13: 978-1599302003

About the book:

This book takes a holistic view of the meaning and the function of the orgasm in the broader sense of the word as it relates not only to sexuality (the body) but in the mind and spirit as well. Living in a physical world where you may commute to work, buy groceries, cook the meals, pay the bills, raise your children, clean the house and go on vacations, you can balance and live a life of peak experiences in everything you do.

The full body orgasm (FBO) is continuous joy and pleasure that opens the doors of peak experiences in all aspects of life. In other words, if you can fully experience that energy of an FBO, then you will experience joy and pleasure in everything you do in life.

I was lucky enough to be able to ask the author some questions. Here are his answers:

You know I have to ask – how did you come up with the name "Full Body Orgasm" for your book?

I knew that I was going to write a personal growth book based on being a Body-centered Psychotherapist. When I first approached possible publishers and marketing people about the book concept, I started talking about personal growth and body-mind-spirit. I pitched a few titles at them and basically they all yawned. They said to ‘brainstorm’ several titles for the book. I started with “Balancing Wisdom and Energy” and one book title had a picture of my then 2 year old son with the title “Finding Your Inner Child”. When I brainstormed over 25 titles, I started to think about the core information that my book was to based on and remembered one of the required readings was “Function of the Orgasm” by Wilhelm Reich and my book is about harnessing life’s joyous energy. One of the dictionary definitions for orgasm (beyond the sexual reference) is ‘unrestrained joy and pleasure.’ Suddenly “Full Body Orgasm” as a title made sense.

Were you afraid of offending potential buyers by choosing a name like this?

No, I was not afraid at all. It’s a catchy title that will draw attention and if a person is open to read further than they will receive a further distinction of the definition for orgasm. It is all about discovering unrestrained joy and pleasure in every aspect of life. I know that some might be thinking… “Oh no, another book on sex” but this is far, far more diverse than the physical act of sex. It delves into the spiritual essence and energy of an FBO (Full Body Orgasm) and shows how to adapt that blissful energy into every moment of your life.

Could you give us some insight on to what prompted you to pursue a Diploma of Body-centered Psychotherapy from the Institute of Core Energetics ?

I became a Body-Centered Psychotherapist because of unhappiness (bordering on depression), wanting meaning, and understanding my own life. In other words, I was a client in need of therapy before becoming a therapist. I grew up in the Mission District of San Francisco, California. We lived 3 blocks from San Francisco General Hospital with the sound of sirens every night. It was the turbulent sixties in San Francisco and the hospital was running a full business. The local corner store owner was nicknamed by the SF television media as “Yosemite Sam” because he would legally shoot would-be robbers on a regular basis. He was considered a local hero. Gunfire was not unusual in the Mission District. My next door neighbor was a few years older than I and was well respected among the neighborhood kids because he seemed the most confident, calm, and cool kid who’d play street football with all of us. When I was about 10 years old, he shot himself. At about the same time I became acquainted with a family friend who ended up in San Quentin prison on Death Row. Ambulance and police sirens, gunfire, a hero who shot people, good people who killed themselves and a murderer as a family friend - I figured all this was normal. At home, my father suffered several strokes and was institutionalized when I was about 9 years old. What I do remember of him growing up was he had a violent temper. My mother was left with the bill and supporting 3 kids. I was pretty much left to grow up on my own in this environment. However, perhaps in spite of these beginnings, or perhaps because of them, my whole life has been a quest for true happiness and joy. It has been a bumpy ride becoming a Body-Centered Psychotherapist and a published Personal Growth author because I had to take responsibility and face my own painful childhood and grow personally. So, what prompted me? “Doctor heal thy self.”

Could you explain what you use your education for?

I use my education to better myself and share with others the knowledge I’ve accumulated. But, I feel from the question that it is not about book learning as much as experiencing and applying the knowledge.

I see you have had some very different careers. What did you always want to be when you were growing up?

Happy. As I talked about earlier, I became a therapist because of my own need to understand my own life. As a child I did not cognitively understand that what I really wanted to be when I grew up was “happy” but I have come to that conclusion today. Growing up with in a poor neighborhood, with violence, and a lack of adult guidance made it challenging to pinpoint what “I wanted be when I grew up” but I have always felt deeply a need to travel, explore, and express myself in a creative way.

Who is the biggest influence on your writing?

If you are asking for a specific “one” person then I cannot say. In writing “Full Body Orgasm” my writing was influenced by several of my teachers in Core Energetics. Specifically, the late Dr. John Pierrakos, M.D., Robert Kirby, Karyne Wilner, Walid Daw, Stuart Black and Ruth Fuller. The writings of Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen also influenced my writing. If I had to name any “one” influence then it would have to be my 3 year old son because he is a constant inspiration of the meaning of unrestrained joy and pleasure in every aspect of life.

Who can you turn to when you need someone to critique your work with brutal honesty?

Because of the trust and the depth of what we had to shared in our training and personal therapy, I would turn to my fellow therapists who worked and studied with me for their “brutal honesty”. In the personal growth that we have gone through we have been “brutally honest” about our own lives with each other and I am open to whatever feedback they would give me. I am grateful for the feedback that 2 of the therapists I trained with (Mary Goslett and Bill Power) gave me feed back for this book.

What is one thing you would change about your life if you could?

Nothing. Everything. I would not change a thing. I would not be the person I am today and have written this book if I did. Life is so short so if I could change everything it would be like having another life to live. As in the question earlier you mentioned the very different careers I have had. I feel in some ways I have lived in this life at least 4 lives (so far).

Are you currently working on a new book? If so, could you tell us a little about it?

Nothing specific but I am outlining several ideas to follow “Full Body Orgasm – Your Energy to Love, Health, Wealth, and Happiness” book based on the feedback I’m getting. There would be a Full Body Orgasm or an “FBO Series” for specific aspects of life. For example, “Full Body Orgasm – From the Bedroom to the Boardroom” would be another title. Some have asked me about expanding on a turning point in my life that is mentioned in the FBO book when I got lost in “The Valley of Fire” desert in Nevada . In that book I would describe the inner journey of discovering that life had meant “nothing” if I died in the desert that day.

What is one piece of advice you would give struggling authors?

The only caveat to ‘Just Do It!’ is to do it with passion and fun. Passion and fun is what the FBO is about continually attaining and it is what I continue to learn and re-learn.

About the author:

"Finding balance in all aspects of life has given me the happiness that has eluded me for most of my life. It has given me a life that was once only dreamt potential. By taking responsibility and owning my problems I have been able to find peace within myself. And, by honoring truth with humility I have found a new lease on life. Real friendships, love, and companionship are what I had hoped for, dreamt, and have found."

Oscar Naval's path of awakening to the full body orgasm of life began during his engineering consulting career. He successfully consulted with high-tech computer clients from Apple Computer to Xilinx. Although he had career and financial success, he was overweight, a workaholic and failed at a 10-year marriage. This was his wake-up call to discover what really is important in life.

He traveled the world from the land-lines in the British Isles to the Oracle at Delphi, from the red earth of Utah to the spiritual spots of Sedona, Arizona, and scuba diving the depths of oceans. He has worked remodeling vacation units, selling holiday activities, and as well as an Open Water PADI Scuba Diving Instructor in Hawaii. Over time and experiences, he grew to find more clarity, balance and spirit.

Before moving to Australia, Oscar lived on the island of Maui and on the Big Island of Hawaii where he discovered the depth and richness of native Hawaiian spirituality. On the Kona coast on the island of Hawaii, he studied to be a Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage therapist.

After arriving in Australia, he found his spiritual family, close friendships, and a loving relationship. Oscar married his lovely wife, Lisa, in 2003 and their son, Mikey, was born in February 2005.

Oscar Naval holds a Diploma of Body-Centred Psychotherapy from the Institute of Core Energetics, Australia. He is also a Hawaiian Lomi-lomi massage therapist. You can visit his website at http://www.fbo-book.com/

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